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Bay of George Regulations & Recommendations

When staying at Bay of George, it is assumed that guests are acquainted and agree with its Regulations & Recommendations. Any complaints shall be considered only if reported during your stay.

Confirm details of estimated time of arrival/departure, especially if you are going to be too early or too late.

The number of guests who can stay is the same as on the original booking. Strictly no pets.

Both pool and jacuzzi can be used at your own risk. Please refer to the separate swimming pool guidelines, especially if children are present.

You cannot take things that do not belong to you away from the villa.

You must not take bathroom towels to the pool or the jacuzzi.

You must not move indoor furniture outdoors.

The villa is serviced (cleaning, bed linen and towel change) every four days. If you wish more frequent servicing, it can be arranged at €45,00 for any one time.

In exceptional circumstances, a laundry service is available at €10,00 per wash & dry, but no ironing. Allow 48 hours for this service.

On arrival, the head of your group must provide the host with identification documents. He or she has to leave a deposit of €200,00 for any loss of or damage to the villa’s inventory. Prior to departure and after a check by the host, the deposit will be fully refunded or damages will be covered from it.

Names and passport numbers of all guests must be registered on arrival. 

Guests are responsible for the villa’s key. In the event of its loss, the replacement fee is €150,00.

There is no refund in case you leave sooner than your booked dates.

Guests are obliged to look after the villa’s contents in general. They are also responsible for keeping the villa clean and tidy. They must switch off all electrical appliances and close all taps. All doors and windows must be closed prior to switching on the air-conditioning. PLEASE switch off air-conditioning when there is no one in the room.

Without prior announcement or guests’ permission, the host is not allowed to enter the rented area of the villa or to move or use guests’ personal belongings. The host may access the area used by the guests during their absence only when he has reasonable doubt that the villa or the guests’ belongings are threatened or that villa regulations are being violated. The host is not responsible for the guests’ belongings, but will do everything in his power to protect and alert guests to possible threats.

Guests are advised not to smoke indoors. If smoking outdoors, you must be exceptionally careful to extinguish cigarettes safely. Never throw a cigarette on the ground – alight or extinguished! The risk of fire is huge.

You are kindly asked to take the garbage from the villa in to the large green outdoor bin on a daily basis.

It is not allowed to bring inflammable and explosive substances and materials with strong or unpleasant smells into the villa. Electrical appliances for which you have not obtained the host’s approval cannot be brought into the villa.

It is prohibited to make noise or cause disturbance between 23.00 and 7.00hrs. Quiet time is 15.00 to 17.00hrs. The pool and jacuzzi can be used from 7.30 until 22.00hrs by adults and until 20.30hrs by children.

Number of persons not mentioned/listed on the reservation are strictly prohibited from entering the grounds. In case of finding any such persons, the host is fully entitled to cancel the booking without paying any cancellation fees or to demand additional monies proportionally.

Guests who intentionally or accidentally damage the property, will have to reimburse the host the full amount of the occurred damage. On the day of departure, the head of the group is obliged to personally invite the host to check all rooms and appliances to make sure no damage was made. Guests may leave the villa only after this inspection. Guests will be charged through legal channels for all damages not reported upon departure.

You can arrive at the villa after 14.00 on the first day of your booking. On the day of departure, you are obliged to vacate the villa by 11.00 and return it to the same condition you found it: clean, tidy and undamaged.

Accommodation will be unconditionally cancelled to guests who do not abide by the villa’s Regulations & Recommendations. In such circumstances and regardless of any shorter stay, no refunds will apply.

Guests are obliged to take care of their own things and valuables. The villa has a safe for the guests’ exclusive use.

Guests can use the swimming pool and the jacuzzi at their own risk and in case of injury, they waive the right to any kind of claim towards the host. Use of both pool and jacuzzi during cleaning and regular maintenance is not allowed. Please refer to the separate swimming pool guidelines, especially if there are children present.

Never underestimate Greek mosquitoes: although the villa is sprayed with mosquito repellant on a regular basis (always prior to arrival of guests), mosquitoes lurk everywhere, so do protect yourselves diligently.

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