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Swimming pool

Bay of George swimming pool is a private, unsupervised swimming pool of maximum depth 5 ft / 1,5 m.

Guests use it at their own risk and are advised to take Extra care when using it. Guests must also follow European Union swimming pool rules and the European Basic Guidance for Safety in Swimming pools.

Bay of George does not assume nor bear any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss or accident.

Bay of George requests that you observe the following rules strictly and at all times

– Always use the shower on the olive tree before and after you use the pool

– No running, no pushing, no throwing around the pool

– No glasses, no food, no alcohol near/in the pool

– Dry off before walking indoors

– Children, poor swimmers or non swimmers must be supervised at all times

– Do not use the pool on a full stomach

– Do not pee in the pool

– The towels provided are strictly for use in the bathroom, not the pool.

Safety steps to take

– Never allow young children to be left alone in and around the pool. Not even for one moment.

– Never turn your back, and always maintain eye contact. lf you must leave the pool area – even for one minute – take the child with you.

– lf a child goes missing in and around the home, look in the pool area first.

– Never keep toys around, or in, the pool when not in use. Kids are attracted to toys and might try to get them.

– lf you delegate your child-minding to others, ensure that babysitters are aware of the dangers posed by the pool. Instruct them about potential hazards in and around the pool. Ensure that you, your babysitters, and your children learn and practice CPR.

– It’s easy to overlook pool safety when you have social gatherings. So, assign an adult to supervise the pool area at such times.

Thank you!

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