Kiss technology goodbye

Katigiorgis, from the contraption of “káto” (Greek for ‘down’ as in low elevation) and Giorgos (Greek for George, also spelled Yorgos) is in the southern part of the Pelion peninsula in Magnesia, opposite Skiathos.

A what-you-see-is-what-you-get place fishing hamlet, Katigiorgis remains unchanged 30 years on: stress-free, low-key, informal.

Katigiorgis is a sandy beach, circled off by ancient rock formations where the Aegean touches the mythic land of the Centaurs, two tavernas, two cafés, one mini market (next to Areti Taverna), one supermarket (on the main road, 300 m from the beach) and a very small Saint George’s chapel. It is also a harbour for small-to-medium-sized boats and there is a privately-run sea towing service and long/short-term parking for small boats.

Things to do

Swim, sunbathe, go fishing, eat freshly cooked food, take an afternoon siesta, breathe oxygen and iodine. No night life here, but an impressive Milky Way or nearby Skiathos make up for it.

Nearby beaches

Accessed by car / bike / boat – Vromoneri, Theotokos, Lyri, Mortias, Kastri, Paltsi

Nearby hamlets and villages

Promyri, Platanias, Lafkos, Argalasti

Things to remember

If you go to the village by car, park as far away from the seafront as possible.

Always use insect repellent and well before sundown.

Help keep Katigiorgis clean.